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Ares MagazineAres was a science-fiction and fantasy-oriented game magazine published in the early 1980s by a SPI, a popular game publisher at the time. It included game, movie, and book reviews, science and science-fiction articles, game mods, and a complete game in every issue.

After a dozen issues, SPI was acquired by TSR, the then-publisher of  Dungeons and Dragons. TSR squeezed out a half dozen more Ares issues, then folded Ares into Dragonmagazine. This wasn’t a good fit for Dragon magazine, and couldn’t do the promise of Ares justice. Ultimately, TSR lost interest in maintaining Ares as a Dragon fixture, and set Ares aside. The fog of memory consumed it.

From the Ashes

One Small Step has many amazing game designs in the works. BattleChrome — Zone 17. Star FuryThe Queen’s Guard.  We felt that a magazine could do wonders to support these products, but OSS would find it difficult to provide good value for consumers with a simple house organ.

But Ares wouldn’t be a simple house organ…

Could we resurrect it?  Who owns it, if anyone? Does it have active trade value?

So we began making inquiries.

Our inquiries have now evolved into declaration. We are trying to bring Ares back, with more pages, higher quality content, and better production values.

The vision we hold is for an all-new Ares magazine, published bi-monthly, with 80 pages of fiction, 20 pages of OSS nonsense, and a complete game in every issue.

If you remember the old magazine fondly, the new edition will retain the portion of the original formula that makes sense, but provide more content and higher quality. If you don’t remember the original edition . . . well, you still get all of the delicious nutrition, but without any of the nostalgia.

There are still a hundred things that can go awry with our plan, but if we can stay on course, you should see our Kickstarter program before the end of the year.

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