Vacation? No. What Gave You That Idea?

You haven’t seen us for a couple of months. We’re not sorry. We’ve been busy.

Doing what? Well, if you’ve been paying any sort of attention, we’ve decided to hide in the laboratory to create another product. Something unique. Something amazing. The new product is called Ares Magazine.

What’s it all about? It’s 80 pages of new science fiction, with some articles, interviews, and probably some advertising. Oh, and each issue includes a complete board game. Counters, maps, rules — everything you need, short of dice and scratch paper.

The financing for this flagship is coming from, well, you. We just launched AresKickstarter project and are collecting pledges and backers as you read this.

The magazine and Add-ons are heavily discounted through Kickstarter, so now is your best time to buy. The first issue will have a cover price of $30, but through Kickstarter, you can reserve your copy for $20.

Why such a high cover price for a magazine? As we mentioned, it contains a complete game. We’re not talking about some cheesy game. We’re talking about big name designers and high production values — everything you’d expect in a box, without the box.

Right now, you can only buy the first issue from Kickstarter. Sorry. We will not offer issue #2 for sale until we meet our KS goal. That goal will provide us enough backers to support a living product in perpetuity through subscriptions. So check in with Kickstarter periodically this month. (While you’re there, you might as well make a pledge or just buy one of our way-cool t-shirts or other swag.)

We are also taking reservations for advertisement space in the first issue. The discount rate is currently 80% off final prices for early adopters. You can see the rate schedule on the Ares Magazine website here.

We do appreciate your support and patience. From our perspective, 2014 is looking great so far. We hope you a safe, productive, and happy new year. Cheers!

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