A Favor to Ask

We at One Small Step (OSS) greatly appreciate our customers and the fans of our products. We’re very grateful to all who have taken a chance on us and participated in our pre-order projects and Kickstarter campaigns, and are grateful to those who will participate in our future endeavors.

We would like to ask you a favor.

Two disparate events have recently occurred that, on the one hand, we appreciate the vigilance, but on the other, we wish would have been handled differently. In each case, a complaint was filed with a blog or commerce host reporting an alleged infringement of OSS’s Intellectual Property (IP). In one of the events, the IP at issue did not even belong to us.

OSS is not a litigious company, and we prefer partnership to conflict where such things are possible. We choose to believe that such acts as may occur with our products reflect enthusiasm rather than malice, and we prefer to seek beneficial relationships rather than contentious outcomes.

Therefore we ask that should you see what you believe to be a questionable act regarding OSS IP, please simply contact us (rules@ossgames.com) with the information and allow us to handle it. Although we greatly appreciate the intentions of the person or persons who acted on our behalf, we would have preferred to simply have been notified and no further action taken.

Sorry for the long-winded post, but now that this has happened twice, we felt we needed to explicit state our policy publicly. Thank you for your attention.

The OSS Team

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