Politics as Usual Candidate Design Contest

Contest? Did Someone Mention a Contest?

One Small Step Games is offering you the opportunity to scratch your name onto one of its products. At some point, in some medium, we would like to publish an Election 2016 expansion for Politics as Usual.

To that end, we are looking for the best special powers for a group of mostly 2016 Presidential candidates, and we’re holding a contest for the best designs of Special Power and Favor combos.

If you love Politics as Usual, our fast-playing card game of Presidential campaigning (and who doesn’t?), then download this PDF file and complete the fields for the candidates of your choice.

Each named Candidate Card (such as Donald Trump) has three fields or five fields for an unnamed Candidate (such as Marco Rubio). Complete all of the fields for each candidate you wish. Send all completed files to submissions@ossgames.com.

If you have a problem opening the file, please report the issue to the email address, above, and we’ll see what we can do.

Contest Rules

Rules. Of course there are rules.

The contest starts today. The contest runs through the end of the year. We will evaluate the winners in January 2016.

If we like your submission for a candidate so much that we wish to publish it, we’ll pay you $50 per candidate.

If two people submit identical (or so similar that we feel there is no significant difference) candidates or candidate powers, and we decide that design is a winner, we will award a prize to the person whose submission we first received.

We aren’t responsible if the internet eats your submission. Don’t ask us to check to see if we received your submission. We’re busy. The process normally works pretty well. Have a bit of confidence. Just don’t get cocky, kid.

The file contains three blank candidate sheets. You can fill in your own candidates if you wish, but they must be US politicians or a celebrity (such as Howard Stern) who may discuss running for office from time to time.

You can submit more than one file, but the file is huge, so limit your submissions to one file per email.

We may award more than one winner for a single candidate.

If we give you an award, your design becomes ours forever and ever. Bahahahahahahahaha! We will credit you with the design in a fashion appropriate to whatever method(s) we choose to publish it.

Important! Here is How to Have Your Submission Disqualified!

We will reject any candidate submission that meets any of the following criteria:

  • The submission does not follow the rules of the game. If you don’t play the game, go buy a copy. Why would you not already have a copy? The game is guaranteed to start a fight when played.
  • The submission includes material we deem vulgar, obscene, or otherwise overly offensive. Obnoxious is OK. These are politicians, so slapping them around a bit is par for the course.
  • Your design follows closely any of the designs we’ve already published.
  • Your design misses some of the fields on the card. Please provide a complete design. Don’t worry about art — we’ll add that later.

So get cracking! You have about 60 days but two holidays shoot that time full of holes!

One Small Step Games approves this message.


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